Looking for a free SEO keyword finder? 

Before this learn what is SEO?

Do you want to write articles? But confused on how to find the right keywords. Well, there are many tools out there, but which one to use? How to find the keywords that would be easier to rank and that have a decent volume of traffic, only then it will work with SEO, otherwise, it is a waste of time.

Let me tell you, there’s nothing for free in this world. But here on my page, let me give you 10 best tools to research your keywords and how to use them for free. You can combine these tools and find out the best keywords. But make sure you don’t rely on any one of them. I have listed down the benefits each one of them has. Based on the benefits it will be easier for you to judge which keyword finder tool would give you the desired result for your keyword hunt.

  1. Wordstream

Wordstream is one of the few keyword tools many SEO experts prefer, it is a great choice to find your keywords. It gives you filters like country, that too you can find the keywords popular within a state and also filter the keywords based on the industry type. 

Wordstream will give you a complete list of keywords on your email for free.

You can enter any keyword or a website URL to find the best keywords that you can start using to write your blogs.

  1. Google Keyword Planner

Ideally, the first tool every SEO keyword finder must have used before they switched over to some other tool. The most used tool, mainly because first, it is from Google, and secondly, it gives the most accurate data for keywords research. 

Keyword researchers use this tool combined with other tools they prefer to use. You can search for the keywords based on locations, language and also filter date wise. This tool is the best especially for running ads on Google. 

  1. Google Trends

Another amazing tool provided by Google. This helps you explore the keywords that are trending as well as rising. Effective tools to understand and do the keyword in the most real-time manner.

  1. AnswerThePublic

This is something highly attractive when you are planning to research keywords based on topics. If you are confused about what topic you need to write an article about, look no further. This is a great initiative and helps to understand how people think while they search for a topic on search engines.

The visual appearance of this keyword tool is just so trippy, you would swim into the keyword world and come back with all the keywords research possible for your topic.

  1. KeywordShitter

Now, this tool will actually shit keywords, flood keywords like anything! If you are simply looking stuffing keywords in your articles but in the most efficient way, this is for you.

Just on the basis of a single word, it gives you 1000’s of keywords options to choose from. If you are an expert in writing articles and understand Latent Semantic, this tool will help you all the time.

  1. Soovle

Soovle and AnswerThePublic tool is a bit common but very different in terms of presenting the keywords. This gives you a whole list of keywords, being searched for all over the internet. It takes data not only from Google but from Yahoo, Bing, Youtube, Wikipedia, Amazon, and other search engines, where people mostly search. 

  1. Long Tail Keyword Generator by SmallSeoTools

Ranking keywords have become really competitive. But Smallseotools gives you the perfect tool to find long-tail keywords that you can focus on. These keywords would be easier to rank and write articles. It will suggest keywords with more than 4-5 words which can be targeted on the first page with few good backlinks. It could give 1000’s of keywords to choose from. But the only issue is you don’t know which ones to use as it won’t suggest the traffic for the keywords. But definitely you can combine this tool with others like Google keyword planner.

Here I searched for “top selling cars” and look at the intelligence of this tool. It will surely help an SEO keyword finder to crack keyword optimization in the most effortless way.

  1. Ubersuggest by Neil Patel

Our digital marketing buddy, hero, call him the superman of search engine marketing, or the guy behind the online marketing brain, has bought this tool from another company and got it uploaded for free on his website. 

Until recently, it started charging a minimum fee. But still, the free version does a lot while searching for the right keywords. 

This SEO keyword finder tool is great to research keywords and article topics that you would like to write about. Gives more in-depth knowledge about which keyword to target, what the URL of the page could be like, which location is the keyword most popular and also for which topic this keyword will word efficiently.

  1. Google Search

Yes, I am serious. This is the most effective tool if you want to figure out the keywords in a few seconds. Simply type a word in the Google search box and it will auto-populate a few keywords that would be the most searched for. 

This is not a joke! Google search box gives you high traffic and potential keywords which once ranked can get you 1000’s of visitors. Yes but definitely it is not that easy as it sounds. Well, that’s the game, so we have these many tools, as we cannot rely on one, So combine this tool with any other SEO keyword finder tools and get the most out of it.

  1. Keywords Everywhere(10$ per month but works great)

Keywords Everywhere is a tool, which was completely free until last October 2019. But then as every business does, it gets traffic and asks for a minimum fee to use their products. Which is fair enough, because it is such a great tool and simply cannot be given for free. 

But it is only $10 a month, and trust me with a keyword finder tool you will earn more than what you pay for, as this tool is actually what it says. It will give you keyword suggestions everywhere, like on the Google Search bar, as soon as you enter the keyword it will prompt the monthly volume right next to the keywords that auto-populate in the Google search box. 

For free, it will give you a list of all the keywords to target based on the keyword that you searched for on Google and it works in a similar way on Youtube. 

This tool has a Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox extension. Simply add it to your browser and see the magic this tool does for you in researching the right keywords to target.

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