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digital marketing services
digital marketing services

Digital marketing is flourishing around the globe. The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic has made us realize that digital marketing is the key to a stable business. One simple reason being the internet is active 24×7 and 365 days in the year. Even when the shops & offices don’t work, the internet never sleeps. So why do you want to stop?

Start building a website today! Ok so the question arises only by building a website will I get customers?

No, you cannot stop there, once you have built an amazing website, do you think customers will come to you? This is like you thinking, “I will register a company and my customers will find me wherever I am.”

I am sorry but it won’t work that way, you need to work hard every day. So what if it’s online? Do you think some random guy, because he is using the internet and knows about computers, can beat you? Then you might be wrong. It is your business, no Jack and Harry can take it from you. You are the king of your business, if you can rule it offline, you can build an empire online.


digital marketing services
digital marketing services

Start with learning about digital marketing services. Start preparing your brain this is the new business model. Every business has to come online and start selling it on the web. If you don’t start it today, it will be difficult for your business to survive tomorrow.

I am not saying this for you to make you feel bad. I am trying to give you a piece of advice, that might sound false to you at the moment.

If you think this article sounds misleading, I would tell you to stop right here. I don’t want you to think I am trying to mislead or fool you.

This is 2022 and ecommerce is booming. Nothing can stop it.

People love to stay right where they are. People don’t have time to move from their schedule. They don’t want to put in their time to walk towards a medical shop and buy the medicines. They have the internet and they do it via online pharmacy websites. There are many other online pharmacies that have built their own ecommerce website. In the very same manner, every business can think about how they can go online. How can they sell their services or products to the customers who are in need? Many businesses, Groceries, Doctors, Garments, Mechanics, Photographers, B2B companies have joined this evolution.

What are the 12 best digital marketing services?

Here are the 12 best digital marketing services:

digital marketing services
digital marketing services

1. Google SEO

If you are a business that does not want to spend on ads much. You believe in organic marketing, then SEO is your man!. But why Google and not Bing or any other services. Well, you can do it for Google, you can do SEO anywhere else. Or other search engines might follow you since you are doing quite well on Google. But Google is the key to beat the competition online.

One of the best digital marketing services is Google SEO for the organic growth of your business.

2. Google Ads

Now, not everyone can rank on Google with SEO. It takes consistency and hard work. But what if you can pay and rank on Google in a day. That is possible with Google Ads. Before called Adwords. Google ads work on a simple model called Pay Per Click. Every time a user clicks on the ad you get charged for it. People say it is expensive, well if you need digital marketing services in a budget, we can do it for you.

3. Email marketing

Email marketing is one of the oldest digital marketing services but classic & evergreen.

I am not talking about those old email marketing tricks where you had to send emails to databases.

Today, Email marketing connects with other digital marketing services. It is important to know how email marketing can help your business to grow. For example, in SEO, outreaching experts use emails to get backlinks.

Email marketing is also used to find influencers for a campaign. At times you have to shoot emails to 100’s of influencers to get the best quote, and you don’t have to rely on a single proposal. Today, we use email marketing in the most effective ways to help us with digital marketing. This is how it has been trending as one of the most used digital marketing services.

4. Facebook marketing

Facebook has reached 2.5 billion monthly active users. If you are a B2C company especially, you cannot ignore Facebook. A social media site that has so much potential to send you 100’s of customers in a day. That’s right, it is possible by Facebook marketing and Facebook advertising. Facebook’s organic reach could be slow, but advertising on Facebook is trending. Facebook advertising gives you instant results. Generate tons of likes, leads, or visitors to your website with Facebook. Facebook is one of the best digital marketing services for B2C companies. It works great for Retail stores, Freelancers, Fashion sectors, Mobile shops, etc.

5. Instagram marketing

There are 1 billion Instagram monthly active users. Instagram has its own set of audience and class. It is now owned by Facebook. Facebook has been managing it well. It avoids random audiences that might distract you. Unlike other social media channels won’t show random content. It is working well and allows businesses to run ads too.

6. Tiktok marketing

500 million TikTok users around the world. Can you afford to miss them today? Until a few months ago businesses targeted influencers on Tiktok. Last year it started with ads. You can attract cheap and genuine traffic with Tiktok. One of the best and trending digital marketing services is Tiktok. It attracts the rural areas and the mass population.

7. Youtube marketing

Youtube videos have gained a mark in the digital marketing industry. YouTube has 2 billion users worldwide. It has no comparison to other video channels. The amount of audience you can attract with videos using Youtube marketing is huge. If you have a video that you would like to promote using ads, Youtube is your star. Youtube works fantastic for video marketing and advertising. One of the best digital marketing services for videos.

8. Pinterest marketing

In 2009, came Pinterest followed by Instagram in 2010. Like Instagram, Pinterest is one of the best digital marketing services. It works well for pictures, photographs, infographics, and photoshoots. The best part about Pinterest is it allows us to crawl its content as well. You can expect better organic results on Pinterest than from Instagram. Pinterest has around 300 million monthly active users.

9. Online Reputation Management

Did you ever get a negative review or negative comment? Thought about how to deal with it? Then you need to know about ORM. One of the least popular digital marketing services but big brands know its worth and use it on a regular basis. If you become a popular brand you have to maintain your brand’s image online. They have to check whether there is any negative link or negative comment on a daily basis. These links or comments can hurt the brand’s reputation and make it worse. Online Reputation Management works great for brands that have active websites or social media pages with traffic.

10. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate programs are being used in traditional marketing sectors since ages. This is like MLM or network marketing you might have come across. This type of marketing when functions online, it gets more organized than the traditional way of building networks. The company gives commissions to marketers or individuals who help them promote. This is usually processed with the help of affiliate links. Here companies give the affiliate links or referral links to the marketers. They, then, promote it. If someone buys from the affiliate links, the marketers get commissions. These commissions are predefined and set by the brand. Affiliate programs are mostly one of the best organic methods to get sales and build a network for your business. This is one of the best organic digital marketing services to promote your brand nowadays.

11. Influencer Marketing

So many active users out there on every social media platform. They have gained their popularity with regular content creation. They are good at creating content for their audiences and they know how to do it. These people have become influencers to their audiences. Their audience will interact with the content the page owner creates and curates. As their audiences follow the pages with the trust of course in a way towards entertainment. But they believe this person or the page will never post something that is not relevant to their viewers. These pages have built their own communities with their own content creating skills.

Brands have to pay these influencers to talk about their products or services. This is one of the most effective digital marketing services and trends.

12. Outreaching

Like influencer marketing for social media pages, we have outreaching for bloggers. This is effective if your brand owns a website and needs some limelight on Google. In outreaching, the SEO experts will find out blogs that are relevant to the content on your website. The outreach experts will shoot emails to other bloggers to let them know about your website. Outreach experts build connections with other bloggers. This helps them add a website link to those bloggers’ websites. This helps to pass on link juice from the blogger’s website. This improves your domain score and increases your rankings on Google. Outreaching is also done for guest blogging. One of the traditional but classic and evergreen digital marketing services. Only a pro SEO expert can offer this type of digital marketing service.

Other Digital Marketing Services

  • digital marketing services
    digital marketing services

    Snapchat marketing

  • Whatsapp marketing
  • Bulk SMS
  • Database Collection
  • Ecommerce marketplaces marketing

These are a few other digital marketing services that also work great based on the products/services as well as the location you would like to target. If you are looking for a partner to help you with all these services, Web Ignito can do this all for you at the best price. Do let us know your requirements and we will make a custom package for you.

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