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It is no secret the fact that marketing via digital channels is essential in the growth of any company regardless of what field you’re in. What are some of the digital marketing strategies and techniques that can we learn from larger (better financially backed) companies?

The pandemic has led numerous businesses to recognize the benefits of digital marketing in order to draw new customers. Between 2020 and 2022 the company eMarketer estimates that digital marketing will expand by 36% and make up 54% of the marketing budget!

Why? Digital marketing allows us directly understand what our customers are seeking. With the growth of digital marketing tools, data for analytics, and online marketing tools, it’s much easier to observe actual online consumer behavior… as well as to adapt to it! Digital marketing has helped companies to gain valuable insights into the minds of customers.

If implemented in the correct method, digital marketing can allow your company to effectively reach out to customers, categorize new customers as customers, boost sales and enjoy long-lasting growth.

These strategies for digital marketing can make your company known to your current customers online and will attract new ones. Let’s look into the 10 most effective digital marketing techniques that you can implement now to increase the growth of your business.

1. Combining Search Engine Optimization and Content Marketing

WebIgnito - Digital Marleting

SEO is definitely not new. For a long time, SEO was the result of keywords and code. But then Google was able to become more intelligent. While SEO isn’t a thing but a combination of content marketing and SEO is among the most effective marketing techniques we’ll be seeing in 2022.

Nowadays, the majority of measures that are part of Google’s algorithm are based on the content ( even Google admits that) in addition to the level of engagement you gain through the dissemination of quality content. Making use of different kinds of content (visual texts, text infographics, audio and more) can be more successful than using just one kind of content.

  • Additional content

  • Valued content

  • Original Content

  • Proper content

2. Be a visible presence on relevant Social Media Platforms

WebIgnito - Digital Marketing

Being online and visible is the most important factor for any business, particularly in the present, where nearly every business has gone digital. It’s among the methods to make your business stand out.

This is why you should establish a web presence through social media sites with importance. There are a lot of social networks to choose from, however, you must determine the areas where your customers spend the majority of their time and make sure you target your customers there. Select the ones that match your company and potential customers and create your presence online.

Remember that social media isn’t the best place to pitch your services (unless you’re a Kardashian Kardashian). Social media is meant to be shared and engaging. However, social media isn’t the most effective online marketing tool for demonstrating the growth of your business.

3. Optimize your website for mobile-first browsing

To ensure that your content is mobile-friendly your websites and social media platforms are available on desktops as well as mobile devices. The majority of users are using tablets and smartphones to browse the internet.

It is, therefore, crucial to making your site and its content available to people on every size of the screen. Refresh your website’s design by incorporating the most recent designs as well as the color scheme.

4. Make use of the right tools

Digital marketing is a blend of various strategies that target many different channels, including SEO, PPC, social media, etc.

To ensure you are able to integrate your marketing plan, you must have the proper online marketing software to create efficient campaigns. Additionally, you must develop skills in the use of these tools and apply the knowledge within the proper context.

5. Be Amazing at Design

WebIgnito - Digital Marketing

Design is the basis of a lot of what is the key to success in digital marketing. When you’re designing a site, a landing site, or designing images for your site or an ad or infographic You must have excellent design skills. There aren’t many of us who are adept in the field of design however, there are tools that can assist.

  • Canva

  • Photoshop

6. Create an email list

Email is an effective source of return on investment for digital advertising. In reality, email generates approximately $45 in ROI for every dollar you spend! But you gotta do it right.

Be sure that your website has an email newsletter sign-up form. Offer important content to your customers not just promotions. Share stories.

7. Spend money on Digital Advertising

It’s true that a lot of people are investing in online advertisements. A small percentage are able to demonstrate any kind of ROI. (If you’re one of them, inform me. I’d love to share the story of your life!)

Digital advertising, which includes the PPC (pay per click) Google Ads, YouTube Ads, social media ads on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn as well as Twitter, Snapchat, Tiktok are all options you could experiment with to ensure the results you want from digital marketing.

We’ve tried all kinds of strategies. The only method we’ve discovered that generates relevant traffic, engaged users and leads that convert is known as the contextual promotion of content. We locate your ideal people wherever they are on the internet and then serve them an advertisement. However, it is not an advertisement to promote your brand. Ads on your website content.

Then we put that group of people into the Re-targeting pool. Then we send them special offers such as webinars, e-books as well as free guides, and more. This allows us to offer CPCs that are 80% lower than the norm and CTRs which are 4 to 5 times more than the average.

8. Make use of Infographics

Infographics are popular because they look beautiful. Our brains process images much faster than text. An image can be worth more than a thousand words and people are more likely to be more likely to share them as often as text messages.

Here are some of the most effective infographics for content that amazing marketers have designed and utilized to connect with their target audience.

9. Be sure to pay attention to your Analytics

The opposite part of the spectrum of the creative side is analytics, but this is exactly the kind of combination you require to succeed in digital marketing. Google Analytics will be an excellent tool for understanding the key aspects of your website and the ways that users navigate it. If you’re looking to understand how to get insights from Google Analytics You can utilize Google Data Studio. Google Data Studio in order to try it out with data from Google’s online-commerce website.

For other analytics that isn’t part that of Google Analytics, a number of fantastic tools are available. You can utilize individual data for each social media platform (ie. Facebook, Pinterest, etc) You can combine them altogether through a dashboard software like Cognos (from IBM), or you can buy an additional powerful tool to get more information.


Digital marketing is an essential element to ensure the success of your business, and we’re hoping that our checklist of tips will keep you moving in the right direction. These techniques have been tested and proven and when you use them properly to your advantage, you can stay ahead of your competitors. If you’re looking for your business to be successful in the current digital age, these digital marketing tips can prove useful.