Google ads manager life is creative though disciplined. They have to be technical, tech-savvy, logical, creative, calculative & competitive. We have highlighted a few points where the business owners must emphasize before firing their managers.

This article is not for demeaning any Google ads managers, but to help business owners to understand the routine & checks of their Google Ads managers.

For this, you need to know what affects Google ads performance.

Here are a few key factors that majorly affect Google ads performance

  • CPC(cost per click)
  • Conversion rates
  • Weekly spends
  • Demographics, devices & audiences
  • Location

CPC(Cost Per Click)

CPC is the key to understanding the ROI(Return on investment). If the manager is unable to maintain the CPC or is trying to reduce it, then maybe it’s high time you sit & talk with your Google Ads manager.

To get ROI Google Ads could be the right platform, but discipline is patience is a must. It’s not a formula to double your sales in 10 days. It will definitely increase the sales but only if you pay the right amount to Google.


Conversions are the method to track the number of events on your medium(website or mobile app). If the conversions are progressive hurray, you have hired the best Google Ads manager. If not, then you need better get a new strategy, else you might simply waste the ad spend.

Analyzing without conversion is fine if it’s the first week only to check the traffic results for keywords. But if your goal is not traffic but sales then setting up the right conversions is highly necessary.

Weekly ads budget

Weekly ads budget on Google ads affects your ROI if not disciplined. Always plan it, else you might confuse your Google ads manager. He must be aware of how much budget he has in hand to reach his goal on Google ads. Google ads send recommendations for budgets to increase the clicks & conversions. If these budgets are not met, then Google Ads dislike your account. Google ads work on machine learning and the amount you pay them is directly proportional to its machine ability. You cannot question a robot emotionally, if you are logical it will always give you the right answer.

Please ensure the budgets are well planned, for the Google ads manager to work efficiently. In this case, if the budget exceeds the plan then Google ads manager is to be blamed, but if it goes low then the company finance is to be blamed. Maintaining the budgets is highly important because the Google ads machine learning process is working 24×7 when the account has enough balance. The bots get a lot of space to travel around the internet for you and get the best results, but if low the bots go lazy. Think about your weekly ad spends like refilling petrol in your car. If the petrol’s full, the car gives maximum performance if low the car’s pickup might reduce.

Demographics, audiences & devices

Demographics, audiences & devices though all these terms are different from each other, still I would like to club it when it comes to analyzing the performance. Optimizing goals for demographics, audiences & devices could be done on a regular basis to understand the overall performance of CPC, clicks & conversions.

The Google ads manager must be well aware of all the details related to demographics, audiences & devices. If the household income is only top 10%, it is obvious the CPC will increase, similar calculations must be applied well for the overall performance of the ads.


Locations are less changed once you understand which ones are working for you. Google ads managers know well that locations don’t change frequently unless there is a new segment or scale in the business. These areas must be set and optimized.

Using people in your areas or who showed interest in your location on a regular basis could also be used for optimization once a month. This helps to increase the reach but smartly.

Your Google ads manager must always keep you informed from which location are they getting business, for you to also understand where you could think about scaling your business or reducing the logistics for that specific location, etc.


Business owners could always plan for weekly meetings with their Google ads managers to understand their thought process & plans to increase the business via Google ads. Also, it is advised to conduct monthly reports and not weekly reports to understand the overall performance. Weekly reports on digital platforms don’t really make sense unless the budget is in millions.

Overall let your employees work at peace, set goals, and give them time to show you results. Google ads take a lot of patience and discipline, but surely it helps you to increase sales.

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