Will Facebook Advertising Work in 2020?

Yes, Facebook ads have become the new game-changer over Google ads and other existing ads. The easiest platform to generate a good amount of leads for your business. 

But how does it work? For this let us understand how advertising online works, then we will come to how Facebook advertising works.

So how does online advertising work in general?

Well, imagine you are sitting in your office, and it’s very hot outside. You don’t feel like the door to door marketing today or sharing flyers around the city. You would like to save your energy or maybe traveling cost or maybe time. Do you want to find a better alternative for your brand awareness or promotion, then you need to know about online advertising.

Back in those days, you really had to work it hard, travel across places and make noise about your business, standees, flyers, or conferences, etc. But now we have online advertising which has taken over the businesses around the world with its amazing features and benefits. 

Are my ads shown to random people?

No! With online advertising, you can target your audiences based on a specific location, or age or maybe income or any other demographics. Back then, the businesses simply used to create each and everyone, because they had no choice. It was like showing a shoe ad to a handicap, which was pathetic, but this is the new beginning of the advertising sector with companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. All these companies allow you to do an advertisement online, within your budget. 

You can set your daily or weekly or monthly budget and target the right audience, without wasting your money. It gives a more clear route to target a set of audience, and not trying to move to people who won’t be interested, and this is why you save a lot of your hard-earned money. With traditional advertisement, you had to set a specific cost even for a set audience who might not be interested in your product or service but is avoided in online advertising simply. 

Why is Facebook ads so popular?

As per a recent survey, Facebook has almost half a billion population around the world. So why wouldn’t you want to share about your business services and products, on a platform with such humongous traffic? If you don’t, you might be missing on a lot of business, trust me. 

Facebook started to become popular in many countries. Here is a list of few top countries that use Facebook in billions.

Facebook users are growing every day, it’s time for you to start advertising and take advantage of these grateful companies.

 What can you advertise on Facebook?

Just almost anything! All your services and products that you would like to reach a certain set of an audience can be targeted over Facebook. It could be to increase your mobile installs, brand awareness, sell a product online, generate leads, etc. 

Facebook has different methods of advertising based on your requirements. You can promote ads with content types like videos, photos, text ads, shopping ads, and more. 

There are various features for ads like you can promote your website link, and divert the people seeing your Facebook directly to your website. 

Recently, Facebook started lead forms, where a user can instantly fill-up the form on Facebook itself, to generate leads or inquiries for your business services. 

Let see the top 10 types of Facebook ads and when can you use them.
  • Website Visitors Ads

If you have a website and would like to improve your website traffic, this is the right thing to do. Create simple creatives or short videos asking visitors to click on the website link with simple buttons like learn more, visit website or custom buttons.

  • Facebook Lead Generation with Forms Ads

This is perfect for lead generation for services like consultancy firms, freelancers, lawyers or any other business that is looking out for the perfect leads to begin calling their leads and converting them.

  • Mobile APP ads

Increase your mobile app users. With this ad users can are taken to the app download page with install now button.

  • Events ads

Events or conferences that you would like to highlight in your business or you would like to know how many people would like to attend your event, this is one of the greatest forms of advertising for events. 

  • Messenger ads

Do you want people to talk to you immediately as soon as they see the ads, this is for you. Get live chats with this kind of promotion. Users can chat live about the business you are offering to them.

  • Video Promotion ads

Videos work great on social platforms. If you have created a video and you would like to increase the views, this will do the job for you. This ad can be triggered to not only increase your video views but also the traffic can be diverted to your website or any other webpages. 

  • Page likes ads

Simply looking to increase your fan page followers or likes? Promote your Facebook page with this ad. This will get to work by boosting your page likes instantly.

  • Page post ads

If you have posted on Facebook and you need interactions like comments or shares or post likes. Try this ad to increase your post interaction, also this ad can help you to boost your website visitors or maybe for your video promotion if you have posted a video as a post.

  • Carousel ads

Multiple images can be shown in a carousel with this type of ad. Good for e-commerce websites where they have multiple images to show.

  • Local awareness ads

Do you own a local business? Then this will do the magic for you, by promoting your business to a specific radius based on the address that you would like to target.

What is the minimum cost to advertise on Facebook?

Well, the minimum cost is based on the service or product or the type of business you have. But it is really bare minimum to start with ads. So cheap, even a student can do it with saving their minimum pocket money. 

You can set a budget daily or weekly or monthly, stop or pause the ads whenever you feel out of money, no contracts like those traditional marketing, this is a boon to the advertising industry and all the businesses or organizations in the world.

In how much time can I expect some results out of Facebook ads?

People have found ways to advertise their business on Facebook. It takes just a few hours to start an ad on Facebook. Start to generate traffic for your website, or maybe leads for their business, instantly with Facebook advertisements. 

Just make sure to use the right content required to run ads, the right image or video. Facebook is serious about ad approval. Facebook advertising has a few policies, therefore, to be taken care of while performing ads. They have friendly and good customer support. In the case of Facebook rejects your ad it might take a few extra hours because working on the disapproval takes some extra time. But once your ads get approved you can see immediate actions taken on your post, or people liking your Facebook page, interacting with the page, sharing it, or maybe messaging on the Facebook page. It is worth the wait!

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