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Are you a Business Owner? Or an Entrepreneur? Or A Freelancer?

Do you own a website?

Are you tired of working on SEO with zero results?

Are you spending a lot of money on Google ads?

This Page is for you. This page will change the way you think about SEO marketing forever.

I have seen how people work hard on SEO and fail to rank on Google. But this page will give you all secrets and techniques on how to create backlinks. After this, link building will never be the same for you.

How does it work? Have you heard about Tier 1 links & Tier 2 links?

Do you want to improve your Google Search Ranking in 2-3 months?

Do you know link juice is passed from one backlink to another?

Read about link juice on this article: What is a Link Juice?

No SEO expert will ever let you know about this trick.

With your primary domain link, multiple web 2.0 and contextual backlinks are created. These links are called tier 1 links. Then you can create unlimited links for these tier 1 links. This is nothing but SEO wheel linking.

What is a primary domain?

Well, primary domain is your main website like or

So what are tier 1 links?

Tier 1 links could be a website or a web page that links to your primary domain name. Tier 1 links are nothing but in simple terms guards of your primary domain.

Examples of tier 1 links

B2B portal listing links, contextual backlinks, press release link, article article, or a Facebook page could also be your tier 1 link. For example, you list your business with your website link on Yellow pages or Justdial. These portals  or websites allow you to mention your services or products along with your website link. Examples: /

How to optimize tier 1 links?

Add as much content describing your business service on tier 1 linking page. The more niche keywords you use the lesser you confuse Google about your business. My recommendation would be to add 1000 plus words if possible. Writing in detail about your brand and services/products with proper English and the right words is very important. If you are not a professional writer I will advise you to hire a content writer for this or to get in touch with us.

Do some on page optimization on these pages. Like adding keywords wherever necessary and possible. Great, your tier 1 link is ready.

The best part is since these links are created on high authority pages like Yellow Pages or Justdial, the link juice will definitely pass on to your domain.

But wait, it does not stop here.

The purpose of creating backlinks is to let Google know the internet is talking about your brand.

What is SEO Link Wheel? How it improves my Google Search Ranking?

Now with the help of this tier 1 link, create more backlinks wherever you can, wherever it is possible, but make sure you don’t go below Page authority 20.

Now what to note here, if you create links backlinks for tier 2 links, and you land on a page where it allows you add your tier link with the description, plus gives you a separate page where it shows content only about your brand and shows your link, then this page becomes your tier 2 links.
And this can continue like this Tier 3, 4, 5…

This technique is called an SEO link wheel.

SEO Link Wheel Technique

Make sure you create the best backlinks for your primary domain name with the help of outreaching or portals that have high page authority above 40-50. This will help you to get the better link juice. With the help of SEO wheel links, you have the freedom to build links anywhere. As the tier digit increases the lesser backlink page authority can be targeted. Say you have built your tier links update Tier 10.

With the help of tier 10 links, you can also target pages that have lesser page authority. Because as the Google bot reaches your primary domain name from tier 10, it has to pass through so many links. Even if the tier 10 links get marked as spam, it won’t really affect your primary domain name. Because in that case, you might have created a link that got spammed for tier 10 and not for the primary domain name.

So you don’t have to worry about the spammy links as well. This strategy works amazingly. Many SEO experts out there are using this technique to improve Google Search Ranking.
This is not at all a black hat technique. So please don’t expect the results to be visible in a month. This will take around 2-3 three to get you the right results. This also depends on how many times and when did the Google bot crawled all your tier links and backlinks.
But this works efficiently and you will get to see amazing results with the SEO link wheel building technique.

Yes definitely, we have multiple packages for SEO, where we work more efficiently.

Is there a guarantee to improve Google Search Ranking?

Check this link: SEO Packages

If you are looking forward only to build backlinks, you are on the right page. This page for you. Take your first step to improve Google Search Ranking.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQS)

Will my keywords rank in the first position?

Yes, they can, but it depends on a lot of factors like how many backlinks do you have? Have you applied the backlink building strategy in the right way? Also if you have done the on page optimization in the right manner.

How much time does it take to see the results?

Well in some cases, if your website is really good with the content quality, you may see the results in less than 15 days. Otherwise, 3 months is the minimum period to wait until you see some results and boost your keyword rankings.


I have done on page SEO on my own. Will this backlink package help my website to rank?

100%, it will boost your rankings on Google. You will get to see the results within a month if your on-page optimization is done. We would be very happy if you come back and buy more backlinks with us.

Are these spammy backlinks?

I would advise you to read this page and understand how this technique works. We will be creating high authority links for your primary domain. These authority links will become your Tier 1 links. With the help of these Tier 1 links, we will be creating 50000++ links. So we are not creating 1000’s of links for your primary domain, but for the tier 1 links. So if someday the link falls down, it will affect your Tier 1 links and not the primary domain.


Can Web Ignito guarantee rankings with these backlinks?

Yes we do that if you buy a yearly package with us. Check out this link: SEO packages

How many keywords and URLs can I submit?

Well, if you are doing this for your website, I would advise keeping it 50 at a time. If you want to rank your channels or pages like Facebook, Youtube, Google business listing, then you can submit unlimited keywords and URLs.

How do I submit the keywords and URLs to Web Ignito?

We would advise you to give us the keywords and URLs list in a table format using Google spreadsheets.


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