People spend at least 30 mins a day scrolling through Facebook, and if you play your cards well, chances are they might see your post or ad and might be interested in your services. 


Facebook as a digital marketing platform has a lot of benefits. It is a great platform to promote your business and services. But it can only be effective depending on how much knowledge the person has about the platform. For your business to be successful on Facebook you need to have intermediate to advanced knowledge of Facebook, its features, and tools.


Many businesses have tried using Facebook to market their products and services but have failed to get the desired results. This may be because they don’t understand their target audience or they don’t know how to properly utilize the different features and tools that Facebook offers. Lack of proper planning and low-quality content or poorly thought-out content are also some of the other reasons why many businesses fail on Facebook. 


Another major mistake that some businesses make is that they act like soulless corporations run by robots who are incapable of understanding their audience. When you’re approaching your target audience, you should try to think like them. Try to understand them, what they like, why they like it, and how you can relate to your audience.


Real Estate businesses usually don’t get enough engagements or views on Facebook as compared to other businesses. This may be because of multiple reasons like they don’t know who their target audiences are, their posts are boring, irrelevant, or predictable. Real estate is a hard business to market on Facebook. But not impossible. It is still one of the best social media platforms to market your business.


Different Features of Facebook


Facebook has a lot of features and tools that can help you promote your real estate business. Once you get to know them and how to use them well you might be able to successfully market your business on the platform. Let’s take a look at some of the features and tools that you can use to promote your business.


Facebook Ads


Facebook ads are the most useful tool that Facebook has to offer. There are multiple types of Facebook ad formats and even more targeting combinations that you can use.

There are different strategies that you can use to maximize the efficiency of your ads. You can get more specific and detailed with your audience while targeting by adding location, demographics, household compositions, interests, and behaviors. Facebook ads also let you run more than 1 ad simultaneously. If you want to decide which type of ads work with which audience groups you can run the same type of ad targeting different audience groups and see which one works.


Facebook Insights


Facebook insights give you a detailed analysis and data on the performance of your page, ads, and posts. Besides the performance of your page and ads it also gives you other valuable information that you can utilize to grow your business on Facebook and to outdistance your competitors. One such useful feature is Pages to Watch, which lets you keep track of your competitors. And if you are unsure of what is the right time to post, Facebook insight will show you when your audiences are active the most. Facebook Insights also lets you export data to make your monthly performance report.

H3 Facebook Business Manager

Managing Facebook pages and people who have access to those pages can be a tedious job. To make it easier you can use Facebook Business Manager. Facebook Business Manager makes it easier for you to manage your Facebook page, roles, permissions, and different ad accounts. It also gives you insights into the performance of your ads and reports from people managing your pages and ad accounts. You can use this information to compare ad performances, make improvements and decide on running new ads. 

Another great perk of using Facebook Business Manager is that you can add and manage Instagram accounts. 


Facebook Marketplace


Facebook Marketplace is a great place to buy and sell absolutely anything. You can buy or sell products ranging from electronics, furniture, home décor to used cars, and services like catering, plumbing, renovation, and much more. This makes it a great place for realtors to advertise their real estate business, or list their properties up for sale or rent. It is common to see houses, apartments, or other properties up for sale or rent in Facebook Marketplace. 


Facebook’s Marketplace is the best place for realtors to find interested buyers. Listing your properties up for sale or rent on Facebook Marketplace is free and it is also mobile-friendly. This is another feature that proves that Facebook is an effective platform for Real Estate Business.


Why Do Some Realtors Fail on Facebook


Facebook has a lot of valuable features that realtors can use to promote their business online. But most realtors fail to make their presence known. There are several reasons why they fail to make an impact on Facebook. Here are a few reasons why realtors fail on Facebook.


Static and Boring Ads


Real estate ads are usually static, which the audience might find uninteresting. To catch their attention the ad has to be catchy or clever enough to catch their attention like a snappy caption. You could try by identifying who your audience is and target them. Or you could ask a question that would appeal to the audience like “Does your dream home look something like this?” or “Are you tired of looking for a dream house?” and you can follow the question with an answer like “Look no Further”. 


The most important part of the ad is the visual media that you have chosen for the ad. The visual media is the main part of the ad that draws the attention of the audience. People tend to ignore static images unless they are visually gripping. There needs to be something that catches the eye of the audience like, the property shown in a visually appealing way, the color scheme, the background, the interior, call-to-action, the pricing, offers, or anything that you think might catch the eye of your audience. When it comes to visuals, the audience might prefer videos so they can have a good look at the interior, exterior, location, and neighborhood of your listing. Images might not let the audience have a good look at your listing as videos do. But if you are using images make sure to show the interior, exterior, location, and neighborhood of the listing. 


It is Hard to Get Page Likes and Reach


For a real estate page getting page likes and followers is a real challenge. It is hard to find people who are interested in your business or find your page interesting. You also have to keep in mind that not everyone is interested in buying a house or real estate. So that limits your target audience. 


And then, there is the problem of getting enough reach and engagement for your Facebook page. Your target audience is limited, to begin with, and not everyone might see your post or ads on their feed. So unless you are posting some high-quality attention-grabbing content like something funny, beautiful, or interesting, your reach and engagement will be low.


Limited Audience


As mentioned before, the target audience for real estate is limited, and trying to reach them and capture their attention is hard. Your content has to be interesting to attract more people. But with proper ad campaigns, you might reach your target audience.


You are also limited by geography. Since your listings are in a specific location, it might be hard to find people who might be interested in your page.


Is Facebook Good for Real Estate


Facebook is a huge social media platform with millions of users. This makes it a great platform to promote any business. Although it has its problems, the pros far outweigh the cons. 


Facebook has a lot of features that realtors can rely on to grow their business online. Many features like Facebook for Business, Marketplace, Ads, Insights, and much more, make it easier for realtors to find leads and to achieve their business goals. If anything, Facebook is the most effective social media platform for Real Estate business. With proper planning, high-quality content, and creative strategies, you can grow your real estate business on Facebook.

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