Today’s market has a neck-to-neck in competition. Unless you are a large firm or a veteran in the real estate marketing field, getting leads is a cumbersome process.

These 121 concrete real estate marketing ideas will surely help you out in getting certain leads.

Here are 121 real estate marketing ideas to network for business and clients

1. Cold Calling

This can help you connect with prospects directly, and you can pitch likewise.

2. Optimize your website

Along with creating a brand website, it is also essential to optimize your website using SEO techniques. This helps you rank higher on Google SERP, which will create a gold mine of leads.

3. Use Leaflets

Despite how old school it sounds, this is one of the most eye-catching methods, which makes the key message easy to digest.

4. Get business cards

It is an affordable and convenient direct marketing tool which helps you create a good impression with the right combination of design and content.

5. Target “For Sale By Owner” listings

Find FSBO listings from real estate sites and help them get the most from their property listings. This is one of the most basic real estate marketing strategies.

6. Host an open house

Potential buyers can tour the open house. Anyone walking in is your potential lead.

7. Be a guest on the radio

Going as a guest on a radio program makes you audible in front of thousands of people. This showcases your skills and talents, and people impressed with it can be your potential leads.

8. Banner Advertising

Banner advertising can increase targeted traffic significantly and get you many leads.

9. Make use of referral marketing

Referral programs help you get leads within the range of your satisfied customers. This makes the process of acquiring emails and other forms of leads very easy.

10. Use text message marketing techniques

With unbeatable rates, exceptional ROI, and universal reach text messages can help you reach out to your potential customers.

11. Make Calendars

Advertising your business on a calendar is an excellent way of reminding people about your business and might get you leads as well.

12. A catchy theme line

Use a catchy theme line for your business, which could garner people’s interest.

13. Make your advertisements based on the current topic

You can make marketing plans based on ongoing issues, like changing your logo temporarily for any ongoing global phenomenon.

14. Start a Podcast

The majority of the podcast listeners are affluent and educated, which makes it a great tool to get leads.

15. Create a brand website

A website for your brand with information about your offers and contact will help you generate leads.

16. Advertise on a Newspaper

Newspaper ads for lead generation can help you target your audience in a very cost-effective manner.

17. Enhance the landing page

When people visit your website, make sure your landing pages have a prompt call to the action button. This can help you capture high-quality leads by targeting different types of visitors.

18. Add testimonials to your website

Request for testimony from your most satisfied, happy, and vocal clients and showcase that on your website.

19. Plug a social sharing button on your website

Having a social sharing button makes it easy for your visitors to share your content. This can get you leads from your visitors.

20. Build backlinks to your website

Backlinks server as the backbone of your website, because Google ranks sites with relevant and quality backlinks. Contact related websites with good domain authority for a link exchange or guest post on their website with a backlink to your website.

21. Start a blog

An excellent blog can provide valuable content to targeted readers. Readers who find the content useful can connect and thus generate lead information from this connection.

22. Use easy to remember domains

Always look for your domain name. Very long and complicated domains are less likely to be retained by the customers, and hence it may slip out of their mind. Opt for shorter and catchy domain names.

23. Make sure your domain name has the name of your business

Making your domain short is impactful, but keep in mind that it should have your business name. This way, people can reach out to you in case they only remember your name.

24. Put Chatbots in use

A chatbot can be a desirable option that can engage many visitors as people prefer to live to chat more than emailing or filling a form.

25. PPC Ads

PPC ads can help attract visitors who are looking for what you have to offer. You can create a vast database of leads and track ROI to the penny. It is also helpful in knowing more about your leads and their behavior.

26. Set up social media pages

Your agency needs to have a strong social media presence to reach out to the public and engage them, which can get you leads.

27. Facebook

Facebook has the most extensive user base of all the social media apps. Advertising your business on Facebook gives you a huge opportunity to make your business grow.

28. Twitter

Twitter generally has a high-profile audience. Making your marketing strategy around the trending hashtags will give your business a tremendous exposure.

29. Instagram

Instagram has sponsored stories and posts from which you can advertise your businesses and property listings. You can also make catchy gifs and videos for Instagram story posts to catch the audience’s eye.

30. Pinterest:

Pinterest is a fantastic place to showcase ideas. Sharing up your plans and models on Pinterest can gather attraction and maybe some potential leads for your real estate business

31. LinkedIn

LinkedIn has a more dedicated, ethical, and professional audience. You can find people looking for office spaces or renting out some apartments. You can quickly get such leads there.

32. Join social media groups

Join relevant groups and stay active in these groups by posting useful, related posts, and sharing your knowledge.

33. Use Right Real Estate Hashtags

Optimize your content with the correct use of real estate hashtags. This can facilitate your discovery, bring more engagement to your posts, and get you leads.

34. Use Quotes

Include realtor quotes in your content strategy. A fun and chatty nature of sharing quotes can build trust in your audience.

35. Utilize social media ads

Valuable and engaging content can help create brand awareness and boost your primary website to gain traffic. This can help you get abundant leads.

36. Do not let your social media accounts stagnant

Do not go ghosted on your social media accounts. Post updates and media regularly to keep your account visible to the people.

37. Start an email marketing campaign

A low cost, powerful and easy method to reach global audiences and generate leads. It will also ensure that your old leads get updates about your offers.

38. Buy ad space on related niche sites

Try to identify sites that come under your field of work and provide ads on those sites.

39. Include Geo Aware ads

Geo Aware ads target the audience near your location. You can reach out to your audience on a real-time basis with real estate marketing techniques like Geo aware ads.

40. Sponsor a web post

You can sponsor web posts, and in this way, you can create another social media promotion channel that can help you get leads.

41. Affiliate marketing

This can boost the SEO strategy of your website with this low-cost technique. You can gain leads by getting your services promoted by others.

42. Keep your website updated

Old sites get pushed down on SERP by Google, which can cause a loss of leads.

43. Answer questions online

This is one of the most underrated techniques for generating leads. Appropriate and helpful answers will help you create trust, build awareness, drive traffic to your website, and get you leads.

44. Make your contact information readily available

When someone wants to know more about your offers, the last thing they want to do is hunt for your contact information. To avoid losing leads, make sure your contact information is readily available.

45. Use Craigslist

Craigslist is one of the most preferred places where people go when they start looking for real estate deals. What makes it better is that ads are free to post here. You put this in use to gain leads by consistently posting photos of homes or properties you are marketing.

46. Host a webinar

Conducting a short webinar of 30-45 minutes can help you display your expertise in real estate and build digital relations. You can ask for contact information while registering people for your webinar, which can give you a considerable amount of leads.

47. Create a Google My Business account

Without this, you will miss out quickly to capture SEO traffic on your website, causing loss of leads. The more the five-star reviews, the more the consumers trust and more the chances of people trying to connect with you for further information.

48. Publish a local market quiz

You can improve engagement by posting entertaining quizzes on your website. Create a contest around the quiz and require those who take it to fill a form at the end and give the winner a free consultation.

49. Create an explainer video

To make things more exciting and visually interactive, create an explainer video that goes into detail of how your agency works. This will gain visitors confidence and can generate leads.

50. Make guides for buyers and sellers

Create a set of FAQs and answer them in this guide, which improves the user experience and gives you high-quality leads.

51. Use Real Estate Lead Generation Services

These companies focus entirely on providing you with the names and contact information of potential buyers. E.g., Zillow, HomeGain, BoldLeads, RedX, Inbox Real Estate Leads, etc.

52. Get listed on Online Classifieds

Submit your websites on online classified sites that are specific to the real estate business. Make sure your ad has complete information, including your contact details.

53. Offer free real estate advice

Addressing concerns and issues of people will view you as a trustworthy source that can get you leads.

54. Bring CRM software in use

Customer Relationship Management software like Agile, Pipedrive, and Salesforce can take your business to new heights. It helps you manage all your leads in one place and improve your work’s overall efficiency.

55. Give away your mastery with at least one key action

When you offer reports, information, or suggestions of any kind, make sure the viewer at least provides their contact information to collect what you are offering. This will get you a good database of leads—this one of the most used real estate marketing techniques.

56. Get help from influencer networks

Influencers tend to have reach from nowhere to anywhere. Endorsement by an influencer can get you leads from their loyal fan base.

57. Bring pop-up advert to use

Rather than asking your target audience for your enterprise, put up a pop-up ad and grab them. Using pop-up ads may be very advantageous for traders, according to one of the extra green real estate lead technology thoughts. Though using too many pop-ups may make you feel unprofessional to your clients, and thus it is one of the riskiest real estate marketing strategies.

58. Write a guest post

Put a guest post on authority blogs that have a similar theme to your business. This will help you garner traffic and potential leads to your site.

59. Create comprehensive charts and graphs

Time to put your Photoshop skills to use to get leads. Create interactive charts and graphs to add a visual element to your blog and social media posts. Make sure your graphics explain something valuable to your audience.

60. Submit your website to search engines

The Internet is a prominent place. No matter how excellent your website is, people cannot find it without being on the search engine indexing. Adding your website to major search engines’ indexing such as Google, Yahoo can make your website visible to many potential customers.

61. Create a brand app

To take your real estate lead generation to the next level, you may go for your own branded app. Giving an app to your leads can keep your services to the top. With the use of an app, you can send them product listings, new deals, promotions, discounts, and estate details on their phones in just a click. Leads are more likely to click on the notifications then on emails and calls.

62. Offer home valuation

Potential sellers wish to know how much their house is worth. Incorporate a home valuation tool into your site and grab seller leads. When your visitor enters their location, prompt them to give their email address and other data to see their home valuation report. After they provide this data, you have another seller lead to contact.

63. Hire a professional photographer

Photography is unbelievably significant for land listings. Buyers invest 60% of their energy, taking a look at listing photographs and just 20% each on the listing description and agent description.

64. Create a virtual tour

3D tours are beneficial in driving real estate buyers. 3D techniques are convincing interactive tools for the customers to see what exactly they are getting in their dream home. This is nowadays an alternative to the standard videography techniques.

65. Bring Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems in use

Interactive voice response means that you have a pre-recorded voice recording about any of your listings. This is one of the most distinctive real estate marketing technique. Customers or potential leads can listen to this any time and hence get informed about your listing anytime you want.

66. Leverage Multi-Level Marketing Network

A multi-level marketing network is a pyramid-like structure where a company benefits from non-salaried personal selling products and services. For real estate, you may market your business using the other firms in the field and taking the leverage for their connections.

67. Web Extractors and Scrapers

Extractors and Scrapers can scrap online data and find out what the user is searching for. This might help in personalizing marketing strategies according to the masses.

68. Host an Online Property Expo

These are just like normal property expos but with an advantage. Anyone anywhere can attend these. This gives more potential leads than usual exhibitions as more people can join these.

69. Consider Google Alerts

You can get alerts whenever someone types any Real-Estate related keyword. This way, whenever someone in your field of work searches for some real estate, you can get to know about them and manipulate your strategy around them. This is one of the most tech-savvy real estate marketing ideas.

70. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is a beautiful place for businesses. It enjoys a considerable reach. You can instantly connect to thousands of users with just a video and a picture.

71. Give a shout out to your buyers and suppliers

Suppliers and buyers are the leading chains of your real estate. Giving them shoutouts and appreciating them in front of others can increase your goodwill and reputation in the market.

72. Build the “Communities” section on your site

Add a community page to your website, which will provide human interest activity ideas such as jogging or cafes. This can prove as a supplementary to show your area’s atmosphere.

73. Create a converting 404 page

Sometimes, some links on your website may not work correctly and will provide the customers with a 404 error page. Users might leave the site immediately if they see a blank page. Customizing this page to keep the user still reeled in even after the error is imperative. Customize the 404 pages by providing an alternate link or might use a search bar. This is one of the most underrated real estate marketing ideas.

74. Have an after-hours answering service

Use a virtual assistant or a chatbot so that people can interact with you after work-hours too.

75. Have calculators on your website

Calculators such as interest calculators, insurance calculators, etc. Customers can use these to determine if the following listing is financially feasible for them or not.

76. Post Step-by-Step Guides on the website

Post up a step-by-step guide on your website regarding how to buy a listing. This helps newcomers.

77. Put floor plans online

Floor plans are beneficial to determine what the property will look like in the future. This helps the customer to decide if the place and plannings are good for them or not.

78. Write about and debunk common myths

Sometimes, people are misguided with some common real-estate myths. Try to write about them and clarify the people about those myths. This is one of the real estate marketing ideas which can make your site unique.

79. Make How-tos for your community

Posting How-tos for daily activities on your website can help gather page traffic and make your website visible to a greater audience.

80. Poll about your service

Conduct regular polls about your service. This will make you aware of your shortcomings as well as strong points.

81. Surveys For A Prize

Conduct surveys for general people and hand out small gifts for participating in the survey. This will help you understand people’s mindset.

82. Join a homebuilder association

Meeting with like-minded people and communities can lead you to gain certain exposure and develop a better idea about the market.

83. Target Expired Listings

It’s a piece of cake to collect real estate leads from expired lists. These are individuals who have been trying and failing to achieve their desires with the real estate brokers in general. When dealt with facts and kind helping nature, you are most likely to generate leads.

84. Geographical Farming

Real estate farming is the strategy realtors use. For this, you should be familiar with the properties and the individuals living in a particular neighbourhood. Then make a message customized to those specific individuals and deliver it regularly.

85. Look for Divorce leads

As weird as it sounds, divorce can be the reason for the immediate buying and selling of properties. If you target real estate divorce listings, there will be leads for your service irrespective of where you practice real estate.

86. Stay in touch with old leads:

This will give you a chance to re-engage with old leads because they were interested in your service. This is one of the most underused real estate marketing technique.

87. Host a workshop for First-time Buyer’s

First-time buyers are generally confused about what to buy, how to buy etc. Host a workshop to inform them about the knits and picks of real estate. This can get you leads from the attendees.

88. Sponsoring a Local Adoption Event and garner Pet-loving Leads

Hosting an adoption event for stray animals can gain you some leads. This is one of the unique real estate marketing technique which increases the goodwill of your business.

89. Try to spread your network in non-real estate

Although real estate and networking events can be valuable, it is not easy to create quality leads when every other person is the same as you. This is why venturing outside the real estate world can be significantly beneficial.

90. Send Seasonal Greetings to your Sphere Of Influence

Connecting with your sphere of influence (SOI) as often as possible, is smart. These are individuals that know and trust you, so remaining fresh in their memory expands your odds of accomplishing more business with them.

91. Give a Complimentary Moving Truck

One of the best real estate marketing ideas is the complimentary moving truck, available for use by clients who buy or sell a home. This serves as your moving billboard.

92. Connect with local businesses

One of the best ways to maintain and nurture a successful real estate business is developing relationships with local traders. You can quickly become the household brand with real estate marketing ideas like these.

93. Attend Real Estate Events

You can regularly attend real estate events to get an astonishing number of high-quality leads. Many homebuyers do visit the local real estate expo to explore their options. You can walk up to them and try to pitch your property to them.

94. Speak at events

Talking at meetings, meetups, or different occasions is an extraordinary method to get your name out in public. Look for occasions in your community and surrounding areas related to home purchasing, selling, investing, or events. You could offer some benefits by talking in these events. There’s nothing wrong with reaching out associations or boards to see if there are any opportunities.

95. Become a volunteer

A great way of meeting new people. Pick 1 or 2 organizations, stay committed to them, and attend events regularly. Start conversations and talk about what you do.

96. Paint business graphics on your car

Paint up your vehicles with logos and markings representing your business so that your business gets noticed wherever you go.

97. Become a Restro Regular

Having meetings with the clients in restros or cafes? Always attend the same restro. This will make your terms with the staff, and they might recommend your service.

98. Putting up “Sold” signs

Putting up ‘SOLD’ signs on sold listings is an excellent idea to show people your sales and keep them tuned in for more listings.

99. Do some charity

Keep a charity auction, which will give its earnings to the charity. It can quickly increase your business’ reputation.

100. Throw a housewarming party

Convince any new buyer to throw a housewarming party on your behalf. This increases your chance of getting a lead until the party gets over.

101. Consider retirement homes

Generally, retirement homes have the potential to add up selling leads.

102. Approach financial planners

Convince the financial planners in your area to refer your real estate business to their clients.

103. Tie up with insurance agents

Insurance agents have a great deal of knowledge of their clients. Interacting with insurance agents can make you aware of your people’s mindsets. In this way, you can pursue them into being a lead.

104. Connect with property lawyers

Property agents are the gurus in this field. The daily deal with cases of property disputes, issues, etc. They know about the field; hence considering them is an excellent option to increase potential leads.

105. Reach out to personal trainers

You can also reach out to personal trainers in your area of work. These are generally linked to high-profile clients and can get you some very nice potential leads.

106. Talk to cab drivers

Cab drivers drive many people in a day. Making them spread the word about your business can gain you some potential leads.

107. Put Keychains to use

This freebie may seem cheap, but it is a fun way to keep your brand name in front of many people, which can, in turn, get you leads for a little. Give the people this freebie when you are at an event volunteering for or at conferences you attend

108. Giveaway Home Makeovers

Gift people that are giving you referrals, a Room Makeover Lottery. You may choose the maximum budget for the room makeover. You will easily have a referral program that is a cut above your competitors.

109. Attract leads with popular Internet Memes

Memes may seem out of context or corny, however, a happy mind with a smile on the face leads to more clicks and interest by your audience. Try to use them on your Facebook wall or Pinterest feed to make your articles interactive for your audience.

110. Do not neglect leads

Do not ever let miscommunication or lack of communication get in the way of your potential leads.

111. Use diversity marketing strategies

Different customers will have different mindsets. This marks the need for different marketing plans for different minds to lure them correctly.

112. Consider scarcity marketing

People tend to get attracted to a thing that is limited in amount. Hence marking your estates as ‘limited stock’ or ‘selling soon’ can make the customers go for the listing quicker.

113. Guerrilla marketing techniques to gain leads

Guerrilla marketing is a cheaper form of marketing and a rather new one too. This includes relatively different yet catchy methods of gaining leads like flash mobs etc. Real estate marketing ideas like these can garner public attention and can get you leads.

114. Gain leads with Relationship marketing techniques

This marketing technique focuses on watering a relationship with the customer rather than outright selling. This increases the potential leads without any extra effort.

115. Focus your marketing plan around an important event

You can change your marketing plans according to important dates like World Yoga Day etc.

116. Reverse Marketing

This strategy includes telling customers the backstory of the listing, which sparks an interest in the customer’s mind for the particular product listing.

117. Focus on customer service

Irrespective of the number of leads you have, always focus on customer service for the existing leads. This increases the goodwill of your estate brand in the market.

118. Take a look at your competitor’s strategy

This strategy includes analyzing your competitor’s marketing model and replicating it, improving what you can.

119. Apologize to your leads, nicely

Instead of just a standard apology, opt for a more generous apology, like handing out gift cards for any mistake you made.

120. Power of Thank You

Thank you notes are never going to be bad when it comes to real estate lead generation. It is one of the simplest real estate marketing technique. Mailing a handwritten thank you note immediately after receiving a referral from someone, be it a client or fellow agent, is a good habit. You may use a phone call or a mail to send a thank you note, but handwritten notes are better.

121. Outsource it

Get an outsourcer if you do not have enough time to dedicate to your blog. An outsourcer helps in gaining leads by doing specific tasks for you.

In the end, all these real estate marketing techniques might not be beneficial for you to gain leads. You might also not have the budget to perform some of these techniques.

So, choosing the techniques which could help you gain leads should be carefully thought of. You should carefully analyze the target audience before employing any method for use.