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Our Online reputation management services in Mumbai helps you dissolve all the negative reviews and comments about your brand online.

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Isn’t as popular as Social Media and SEO, right?

Online Reputation Management

Not popular as important as any other digital marketing services

With the term ‘Online Reputation Management’ it is easy to know this part of digital marketing has something to do with your brand image.

If you run a business, there is an absolute possibility that you might find customers who are not satisfied with your product or service for some reason.

Sometimes, it is not even your fault!

But, hey, does that mean you leave it just like that or roast that client?
No, that is not a good way to handle it.

Like positive reviews attract more sales, negative ones push it down.

In such cases, seeking professional online reputation management services in Mumbai becomes crucial to safeguard and enhance your brand’s image in the digital 

So, how do you know who is talking about you? And, what are they saying?

With the help of your ORM team, you can stay updated about every happening on the internet about your brand.

From a comment to an article, ORM covers it all. Some of the work covered under ORM are mentioned below.

Brand Image Analysis on Google

Pushing up  positive content 

Maintaining the brand image

Reviews and Feedbacks on Google Business Listing

Cleaning negative links from the top 10 list on Google

Active participation for brand image enhancement

Plan of action for removing/tackling negative matter

Social Media reviews, comments, wall posts and mentions

Guest blogging 

What is the process?

Company's usaully perform ORM to maintain neutral brand image or bring up the brand’s positives.

The first step we take is ASSESSMENT

The assessment is done to understand where the brand stands and what are the possible situations in the future.  A deep analysis of your existing web presence and data about you from other web bodies is done by our team. Right from your website to all your social media channels are thoroughly checked. A detailed report is generated and a plan of action is created.

Following are some of the ways of doing it

Using Facebook, we will manage the brand page and remove any spam or posts/comments that are not might im[act the reputation which comes from irrelevant users. Genuine customers will be responded to and taken care of. Every new situation will be discussed and then implemented. The focus here will be to create value for existing and new audiences.

Here, comments will be monitored, spammy users will be blocked and irrelevant tags will be removed. Suggestions for improving brand images via messaging for by involving users will be given by our team.

All other social media channels
Be it any social media platform, maintaining brand image is important and hence necessary actions will be suggested.

Making your website credible is the primary method of creating a good impact on the visitors and Google as well. The security certificate authentication and integration are suggested by our team. If blogging is being done on your official website, monitoring and allowing only appropriate and relevant comments will be done. Spammers will be blocked. Organic comments will be added

Brand Management on Listing website
On Business listing websites, there are always a lot of reviews both positive and negative, managing those is quintessential. Handling both in a professional manner is required at all times. Notifying you about necessary reviews and taking actions in accordance will fall under ORM.

Google Business Listing
On your Google Business listing, there are 3 important factors: The information, photos, and reviews. We will analyze the information. Filter the photos with the best keeping the audience in mind. It is not possible to delete the reviews hence, handling them professionally is important. We will understand the situation and create responses and only then share it with you. Report anything spammy to Google, to naturally remove it.

Guest Blogging and Forum
Here, making your brand visible in a positive light will be the priority. This will not only increase the good reach but also attract some audiences to your official channels.

Crucial Situations
Sometimes brands face problems with some major issue which instantly pushes up negative content in a great number. But, in these situations creating strategies and deflecting the negative content is the right way to handle it. Our team will be making a strategy to deflect the bad content and make it neutral on the internet. Here, the necessary platforms will be suggested.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQS)

I am building a personal brand, do I need ORM?

Yes. If you are building a personal brand, it means you are building a brand even if it is not a product or service.  All the above methods and channels come into consideration for both a company and an individual.

I have a small business, is ORM helpful?

A small business aims to grow big and with a positive reputation, the chances of growth grow as well.

How is a crisis or controversy neutralized?

Depending on the type of crisis, it’s impact and depth a plan can be strategized and implemented.

Is it a continuous process or a one time job?

ORM is a continuous process. To maintain the right tonality all the time is of utmost importance.

I do not have a negative presence, should I still consider it?

Yes, you should. If you do not have a negative presence of some of the channels, analyzing the web and all the platforms is required to judge accurately.

If you still are all clear, you can consider growing your positive content to grow your brand value.

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