There are many ideas, tips, and techniques to master your digital marketing skills. But do they still work in 2020? I have tried to jot down points and in brief about how they still are effective even today. Let us go through them one by one. Do let us know if you have any questions.

1. Facebook Ads

There are so many social media channels out there. But never forget, how it all started to pace up when Facebook was born around 2008. How it all started to just boom the social media industry. Trust me, the digital marketing industry and social media would have never got this much of demand without this masterpiece: “Facebook”. All thanks to Mark Zuckerberg and his creativity.

Hence, Facebook ads are a great way to invest your marketing budget. It carries millions of traffic. Especially for the B2C sector, this works like a knife on butter. Facebook ads have evolved the way it can advertise for a brand or an individual. Different types of ads help you to target different types of consumers available on Facebook.

2. Google Ads

Google ads & digital marketing is like brothers and sisters, it’s like a car and its fuel. Digital marketing was born because of Google. Who knew a search engine would change the internet like fire. Trillions of people over the internet, simply love to hit their query over Google.

Can you afford to miss that?

Create a website that is mobile friendly. Add some quality content that makes sense to your consumers. That’s it, you are all set to apply for ads on Google. These ads pull up a fresh company in the first position. People think if Google is promoting this page on the top, then it must be definitely to be seen at least once. This is how your brand gets credibility via Google ads.

3. Questions And Answers on Quora

So many people, so obviously so many questions, doubts, advice & answers are to evolve. And where else can the people get to know the answers to their questions? Well, the answer is Quora. The Internet has given birth to online education in a way that people just fall in love with it every time. This free type of education and advice is every child’s dream. And this has been possible with Quora. If you have a question, simply raise it on Quora. There will be many who would love to share their answers with you.

Digital marketing with the help of questions and answers about a brand helps to build the credibility of a brand online. If anyone has a doubt about a brand, they might raise a question about it. There will be people willingly replying to justify your queries. In this way, you see a community forming on the basis of a question being asked. This community is how a brand could either get its popularity or might get infamous if not worth it.

4. Linkedin Connections

Linkedin profile is for an individual who is into a business that needs networking. If you are out there for networking with other business owners or similar business owners, LinkedIn is the key. Many business owners, CEO, Vice President, Employees, have their profiles on Linkedin. They are also looking forward to networking with other professionals on Linkedin. This is a whole new area for digital marketing in the B2B world. Especially if you are into a consulting business or other B2B industry, you need to have a profile on Linkedin surely, if you don’t have one!

5. Commenting on Social Media Channels

Commenting on other profiles, or business pages, fan pages gives a way to engagements on the internet. If you are interested in a topic find posts on social media channels that are interesting. Now, if you see an option to comment about the topic or post, you cannot leave it blank.

This is your chance to build engagement with the topics. In this way, you let other interested people know that you have way too much interest in that topic. So much interest, that you commented to build interactions and tried to engage with the topic in the friendliest approach.


6. Blog commenting

Similar to commenting on social media channels, you can comment on other web pages like an article page or news page or maybe a press release. People are liberal on the internet, they love their freedom. Allow people to comment on your website articles or images or videos. Even you can do the same on someone’s website where they have given you an opportunity to write comments. Don’t miss this opportunity to comment on an article that you like or maybe it could be a video on a website that you watched that helped you to brainstorm.

The best part about blog commenting is this also allows you to add your website link. Not all websites give you this privilege. There are quite a few who like to know where this comment came from, who’s the owner, in case they want to connect with you.

7. Guest blogging

Guest blogging is a great way to do digital marketing for your business. There are several blogging websites that allow you to post blogs on their websites.

That is one way to improve your credibility in the internet space.

Now, if you plan to do so, you need to follow certain norms. Select the websites related to your genre. Remember, the more relevant channels you figure out, the better it is.

Websites that allow guest blogging accept the articles which are good enough to be visible on their property.

Hence, making quality content is important.  Also, it is always best to write sensible content otherwise it all goes to waste.

8. Press Release

Press Release is another great way of increasing your reach. Not just reach, it increases your credibility faster.

When you release an article on the news/press website, it creates the best result. The reason is that these websites have millions of readers who trust these resources.

So get going and multiply your reach with Press Release!

9. Outreaching other websites for link exchange

Outreaching on blogs is similar to influencer marketing on Social Media.

Here, you need to find good and relevant bloggers and connect with them.

You have to build a genuine relationship. When you do that, you can discuss your work and ask if an exchange is possible. There are different ways of doing this. Some pay for collaborations, some also have agencies.

10. Sharing Videos on Youtube

Videos are the magic potions of 2020! You go anywhere and you will so so much of video content floating over all the time.

Videos are loved by many people. Videos are easy to consume and hence work really well.

Making video content on Youtube is a great way to reach your target audience.

You can also use these videos on your website or on other social media channels to make it work better!

These were some of the ideas you could implement in your digital marketing plan to rule the internet in 2020!

Best of luck!

If you wish to get in touch with us for any query, feel free to contact us or comment down below!

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