If you are a real estate agent or run a real estate business, this is the article for you.

Learn how to run Facebook Ads for Real Estate lead generation right now.

Businesses work on leads, eventually sales and who doesn’t like leads at a low cost or for free!

Gone are the days when one had to spend a hell lot of money to simply generate leads.

Even after getting leads, getting conversions was never a promised deal!

By this, I do not mean that 100% conversion is promised by Facebook. No! The leads and sales pattern is different for different platforms but never radical.

However, the cost is what majorly makes the difference.

Yes, Facebook ads are cost-effective without a doubt. When it comes to Facebook Ads for Real Estate lead generation, it is surely a way to get leads.

Let us check out these 10 awesome ideas to get leads using Facebook Ads for your Real Estate Business!

1. Create carousel ads to show multiple properties or areas within the property

If you are selling multiple properties, this has to be one of the things you should never forget to do. 

There are two sets of buyers when it comes to real estate. One set has a specific choice and selects exactly a project they would want to invest in. The other set has kept himself/herself open to properties in a certain range.

The majority of the second type is more. Hence, multiple property displays for getting a better number of leads/enquiries.

If you go to the ads manager, you will be able to create a carousel ad. To know how, you can click here for the tutorial.

2. Tour videos before the site visit

A demo tour that people can take online is a great way to get interested leads in. People see the property before they literally see it physically.

This is beneficial for both sides. The real estate agent doesn’t waste time on an empty lead. The lead gets a clue about what they might get and accordingly take a decision to take a step ahead.

Remember, the walk-ins may or may not reduce due to this but ‘quality leads’ is the deciding factor. 

3. Target ads location based

Targeting never got so detailed! The best thing about Facebook ads is that it allows you to select the location. 

You can select the locations on the basis of pin codes or areas or cities.

When you know the locations of the potential audience, getting good leads is easier through Facebook ads for real estate.

You can type down the area/city. Select the radius(in km) to a city within which the ads should be shown. Also, drop the pin to the locations, as well. 

Whatever seems beneficial to you, you can try out.

4. Interest & Demographics Based Targeting

The jewel of Facebook Ads is here, for real estate agents and companies! Let us look at what exactly is interest based targeting.

Facebook categorizes people who like different pages. The people who show interest in and who interact with content that belongs to a category is their interest.

Accordingly, with this database, you get to understand different types of people who could be your follower base.

Let us look at some examples of interest based targeting in Facebook ads for Real Estate Companies:

A person looking for a property in Piramal Real Estate could also be interested in Hiranandani or L&T properties.

Here, by the above interest, we understand that these are premium builders. They have similar prices and luxurious amenities and have projects in the top cities.

Likewise, people who have premium choices in real estate would have liked luxury clothing, accessory, car brands.

The phones they use would be premium phones.

The people who are above 25 can only afford to buy properties. You can target the profession, the level of degree as well.

These were some of the interests and demographics you could target. This way, you can target as many relevant interests as you can. 

5. Minimum budget To Run Facebook Ads For Real Estate

You might think, the more money you put the more leads you would get via Facebook ads for your real estate business. That is true! But, to play it accurately and for the ads to run efficiently it is best to start with the lowest.

To understand how good your ad is performing keep your budget low and duration 7 days or higher.

The first ad especially needs a decent amount of time to do its best with the given budget.

Besides,  you understand if your ad is making any sense or not.

Making changes to the ad and experimenting doesn’t really become a big deal.

So go slow in the beginning.

6. Use the Facebook library to check competitors ad

One of the best ways to beat a competitor is to learn how they are doing it for themselves. This secret could be revealed with the help of the Facebook library. The Facebook library helps to see all the ads active on the brand page.

7. Create ads to run a survey to understand the market requirements

Surveys solve a lot of marketing solutions for ages. If you need to understand what type of property an audience would be interested in, this is the ad type you need to focus on. A perfect solution for all questions or doubts that you have about your customers. Get to know your customers’ feedback even before you take up decisions on the architecture of the property.

8. Generate leads with Facebook lead ads using forms

The easiest and the best way to approach your audience and convince them to fill up a form. Get people viewing your ads into filling up a quick form on Facebook itself. To fill up this form the viewer does not have to visit any other pages. Facebook popups an instant form to the ad viewer where they can leave their name, contact information, and other information that you would like to know before you talk to your prospect. The form can be customized based on the requirements you have. It is easy and quick to get the required information before you understand how serious could be the lead in buying the property.

9. Retargeting Facebook ads for real estate audience 

This is the most effective idea to convince your customers that you are a brand. Retargeting your audience and showing them ads by following their footsteps might increase the chances of conversion. For retargeting ads make sure to add Facebook pixel on your website. Otherwise retargeting won’t really work. The way retargeting works is on the basis of Facebook dynamics which is applicable only when you connect your website with Facebook pixel.

10. Highlight Investments in your Facebook ads for real estate business

Anyone who is interested in property always wants to know about the return on investment value. If that sounds safe then they might have other questions like how many floors in the building and other relevant questions that indirectly belong to investment. 

So the real estate ads must make sure they are able to convince the audience. Let them know that the property has high returns. They will benefit if they are ready to invest soon. All this will definitely bring up questions in the audience’s mind which might convert into a potential lead.

11. Messenger ads to answer quick queries before the site visit

Messenger ad is a great way to build engagements. If your audience will get to know and speak with the brand on a live chat, they might ask for instant queries like how to travel to the site from the station? Or maybe they want to know what is the timing for a site visit on a holiday. Use messenger ads with a perfect video or an image idea as mentioned in the topics above to benefit the most out of this type of advertising.

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