WebIgnito - Christmas Marketing

You’ve mapped your Christmas marketing plan and you’re thinking about promotional strategies to attract and convert your target audience into leads and sales.
Have you devised the right strategy? No worries — our guide to Christmas marketing strategies examine the best methods for increasing sales and enticing customers. People have come to anticipate the kinds of rewards they can receive This is the reason that everyday promotions are successful.

With this in mind, we’ve created an index of our top 6 tips for making sure that your promotional campaign goes smoothly and achieves the greatest potential outcomes.

1. Promotions and discounts

WebIgnito - Christmas Marketing

People are looking forward to discounts and promotions Don’t lose potential customers in the absence of a discount or promotion. You must ensure that you offer customers a reward with a discount on their purchases. according to research conducted by consumer groups 74% of consumers like price reductions. This is then free delivery (72 percent), BOGO deals (39 percent), and cashback (29 percent).
When it comes to making purchases, make use of strategies that are popular with customers, for example, return and shipping for free. Combine your incentives with a sense of urgency, such as first-come-first-served or limited-time offers, for an added boost.

2. SEO housekeeping

Because of the COVID-19 epidemic, the picture could be slightly different for shoppers on the high streets this year. With all the doubt and uncertainty among consumers regarding going to the physical store, it’s vital than ever to deliver the most satisfying online customer experience. It’s crucial to ensure that your website is running smoothly for your goals.
Although it’s likely too late to create content that can have enough authority to drive organic traffic before Christmas, make sure to be sure that the ranking of your current pages are performing as expected.
Review the content of your site to determine if it’s interesting enough to encourage people to click. Does your website work on mobile devices? What are your website’s loading times? These factors all have the ability to make or even destroy the key sales at Christmas.

3. Don’t forget PPC

It doesn’t matter if it’s social media display advertising or search it’s likely that you’ll make use of paid marketing. Paid advertisements are always in competition however it’s more so during the holiday season which can raise your average CPC. This is the reason it’s crucial to make sure that you’re getting the most value for your dollar.
Check out the competition once your ads have been live to determine if they are able to stand out among the others. Review results on a frequent basis, alter the bids (including negative keywords, if you’re planning to launch a search-related campaign), and then use A/B testing to modify your message depending on the type of conversions you get and you’ll find a winning combination.
PPC is a great way to reach out to people within your targeted market who aren’t customers yet or familiar with your brand. A record 79 percent of people think they’ll shop at a new store during the holiday season, therefore, doing it right is crucial.

4. Engage more people by creating original content

WebIgnito - Christmas Marketing

Don’t be a slave to the easy option when you are executing your Christmas advertising campaign. Content that is creative can increase engagement with customers and allows you to utilize subtle clues to guide customers to specific pages or areas on your site.

Blog posts that cover topics relevant to your product or services will also provide you with fantastic content to post on social media or by email. You may also want to create a long list of white papers and guidelines, or create video or infographic content as part of your innovative strategy for content.

5. Plan for the last-minute shoppers

WebIgnito - Christmas Marketing

Consumers who shop last-minute account for more than 30% of all online purchases during the holiday season, so you’ll need a strategy place to entice customers to purchase from your company. Use re-targeting to attract customers users who’ve already visited your website and use social media or email for last-minute offers to your customers.

6. 25th December is here – Are you ready to unwind?

You might think that once Christmas Day arrives, everything is over and you’re able to rest and put your Christmas marketing off – but you could miss the opportunity to sell more at Christmas opportunities!
Create a post-Christmas contest to get your customers back on board before Christmas. To ensure that you make the most of your marketing campaign, you can run the traditional 12-day Christmas campaign that runs from December 25th until January 5, such as an event calendar or a competition.

In the end, just because Christmas Day has passed does not mean that the joy of the season has gone out of fashion! By offering more interesting content that they can dig into, you can attract the desire of your customers to keep the fun going.

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