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Today, let us talk about how you can get a Social Media Marketing Job!

I completely understand that Social Media Jobs is one of the most interesting jobs and they have a good future.

But as a fresher, you might not be aware of what exactly you want to do. Social media in itself has a lot of things involved to make it a complete package.

Number 1: Learn about what are the things involved in a social media job.

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It’s fine to not know what you exactly want to do because working on things will make the picture clear.

So let’s learn about things involved in Social media marketing:

  1. Social Media Execution
  2. Planning and Analysis
  3. Creative Strategies
  4. Content Creation
  5. Online Reputation Management
  6. Ad Campaigns
  7. Influencer Marketing

These are the major parts of Social Media Marketing.

To get a social media job is easier than deciding what you actually want to do.

At some agencies, you will be able to do multiple things from the above-mentioned things.

Whereas, some agencies give specific roles as per their work practices.

So, while applying for a job, you can read the job description and apply accordingly.

Now, I will explain each point in detail so you understand more about what the hell social media is! 😛

#1 Social Media Execution:

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This is basically working with the content and handling social media platforms.

You’ve to post content timely and monitor the accounts. Give responses to queries, check mentions, wall posts, etc.

Some organic activities for different social media platforms, managing polls, etc.

This is the most basic part of social media which you usually do when you get started.

#2 Planning and Analysis:

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This part involves understanding brand requirements. You understand what a brand requires and you plan the coming months on how things should work.

It is basically a plan of action to get started.

The analysis involves the positives, negatives – majorly the limitations and competition analysis.

Competition analysis is done basically the type of content other brands are doing on their accounts.

How are they doing it?  What are the content buckets they follow?

What is the interaction rate? And possible ways to measure brand performance.

#3 Creative Strategy:

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Here, once the planning and analysis is done successfully, the next part is Creative Strategy

Things involved in creative strategy are:

Brand Voice and Image creation process

Interactive ways to create content with the audience

Possible ways to gain traction

#4 Content Creation

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In this part, creating content based on the creative strategy and making a complete post comes in play.

A good copy + a creative image/GIF/Video is what you do in this part of your Social Media Job

#5 Online Reputation Management(ORM)

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ORM is a vast subject but in a Social Media Job, it plays at least a surface level role.

Managing complaints, queries, responses of your audience swiftly and in the right manner is what is it.

As boring as it may sound, it is an extremely important part of Social Media Management.

#6 Ads Management

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Ads – a big part of 2020! To meet the goals and to click numbers in terms of reach and leads, ads management is vital.

From creating ad copies to targeting the right audience to get desired results using social media ads is Ads Management.

It is interesting, challenging and my personal favourite which amplifies the results if done correctly.

#7 Influencer Marketing

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It’s one of the most important aspects of marketing these days. Finding the right influencers, getting in touch with them and making a deal to market your product. That is what majorly influencer marketing is. 

So, understand where you are stronger. What part would you like the most? Is it the creative part or the analytical part?

On a surface level, you will understand what you are attracted to the most.

Accordingly, work towards it.

Number 2: Research about any one(or more than one)  of the points mentioned above that interests you

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Once you understand Social Media Segmentation, you will automatically understand what you are drawn too.

Google the topics and related topics and learn about them.

A social media job description shows briefly the tasks. It is your responsibility to do an in-depth study of that module if you are serious about it.

There are several websites with good information available for free. You can read blogs and follow Youtube channels to learn important things.

Some of the sites you can follow:

Social Media Examiner

Blog by Hootsuite

Social Meda Today

For Youtube, just search for the topics and you’ll understand who is your favourite!

Number 3: Make and use your social media accounts 

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This is a really embarrassing story of mine. Years ago, when I applied for a Social Media Job, I had given a test paper.

This was my interview test. The first few questions were if I have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest accounts.

I did not know a thing about twitter back then.

The third question was: What’s your twitter handle?

I did not know what handle meant because I knew that you have social media accounts. What the hell is a Handle? So, I just wrote something so random that I do not even remember,

But, I got the job because I had studied Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

I got a legit job, not an internship! Haha. It felt good but then I googled what’s twitter handle and the next minute I was dying of shame!

But, yes, the point is to research and explore social media.

Number 4: You need to be a graduate.

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I suppose that’s the basic degree you need to join a Digital Marketing fun.

You need to have good communication skills & good written English.

In a social media job, you need to write well because you need to write copies.

Number 5: Take up an internship

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There are chances, you might not get a job without an internship. Agencies wouldn’t pay you if they have to teach you A to Z.

That’s a lot of work.

Apply for internships as well. You might land up in a company where you could learn all aspects of Social Media Marketing.

You could then become a legit Social Media Marketer and get a good job!

Usually, the internships are stipend based with a duration of 3 – 6 months.

Do not hesitate to work for free. You aren’t actually working for free, you are working for knowledge.

It depends on you. Do well, learn as much as you can. If your boss thinks you are the right investment for the company, you might get a job!

Number 6:  Take up a course

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You can get courses online like on Udemy. You can join a course there or any legit place.

Once you complete the course, put it in your resume.

Number 7:  Contact us

Contact us! If you are good enough to work on a live project, we could work together.

Number 8:  Be confident!

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Don’t overthink. Do not get nervous. It is just a job! A social media job is something that should excite you and not make you nervous. Stay calm and stay confident. Say what you know and if you are not sure about something, think for a second. If you still feel you don’t know the answers you can tell the truth.

I am sure you will crack it! Make sure you make use of these tips and you’ll land up a job to start with.

Once you learn you can choose, always.

Remember, you are worth it! 


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