Watch a Bollywood movie with friends on Facebook Watch. Sounds’ fun?

Eros Now & Facebook have collaborated to premier a movie every day on Facebook Watch. The movies will be powered by Mzaalo, a blockchain streaming-based video streaming application.

The Eros Now movie streaming on Facebook Watch starts from November 3rd till November 30th.

Check Eros Now’s promo video

How to watch Bollywood movies with friends on Facebook Watch?

The above video shows how to watch videos with friends on Facebook Watch. Follow the instructions, and search for Eros Now.

Facebook knows their Indian customers love watching Bollywood movies, and they want Indians to enjoy movies with their distant friends & family.

When it comes to partnerships with digital companies, Eros Now has been over the top with its OTT model since 2012.

Who could have ever thought of getting paid to watch movies? Eros Now’s collaboration with might offer reward points for watching movies.

Mzaalo did think about the million OTT users and came up with an idea to reward movie enthusiasts. Mzaalo has always been using the watch movies & earn model.

Since the pandemic watching movies online has gotten even better. Watching a movie with a friend online is a brilliant idea. Jio launching 5G and giving FOMO to its competitors is sure to charge up the internet era for India.

If you are bored at home and distant from a friend or relative don’t miss this chance to watch a movie with them. Even the movie is boring, you still have a chance to earn some reward coins with it, LOL!

Overall, Eros Now did think about a brilliant idea to let movie enthusiast watch their favorite movie with their distant loved ones.

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